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I Lisa Long was at BMO Harris at 13:45pm today 02/19/2014 to make a withdraw of $500.00.I made the transaction the machine informed me that it went threw but I didn't receive my money.

I Lisa Long then went into the bank and asked to speak to A manager, the banks address is 2745 N DR ML KING DRIVE Milwaukee, WI 53206, the manager I spoke to is Eleanor. I was taken back from how her performance was with me , she said if I had banked with a real bank instead of having a H&R BLOCK CARD this situation would have never happened. I was totally disgusted with how she treated me. I asked for her help and she showed me the door after insulting me.

I don't want this situation to happen to no one else if this was to occur again.

I personally was very regretful with stopping there in the 1st place and after the customer service treatment I will never stop there again.I hope these people that works in the line of this profession be corrected with there job performance.

Review about: Bmo Harris Bank Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Go to contact 6 website they might help you.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #841354

Lisa,did you try to go or call the corporate office ?I know this happen in 2/19/14 but if you are still having problems, I thought this might help.

Sorry they are giving you such a hard time. Don't give up ... get your money back.

if you used an atm ,they have camera ask them to look at the footage and when they balance they should have $500.00 extra .Which you did not received.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #841351

What !USE proper grammar and spelling !You are an insensitive person!

What,do you work for the bank ? (anonymous!) She upset Mr or Mrs Perfect !

You are as bad as the bank ! Which she has a right to be upset !

Obviously, This bank has not done anything wrong to you ,so keep your thought to yourself !

That right, you probably work for them ,because you are as insensitive as they are ...If you have nothing to say to help, don't bother to answer.


I hope you learn how to use proper grammar and spelling.

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